Better Lives.

At its core is technology.

At its heart is people.

Following a people-led approach to designing & developing iPhone, Android & web apps that improve people's lives.
Doctor using ipad app to show information to mother and daughter.

Wave Digital is a

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澳洲幸运10官网平台 我们的本地设计师和应用程序开发人员与初创公司创始人和业务主管合作,以可靠的技术和完美的设计创建优质的应用程序。


168澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 我们在为澳大利亚的初创企业、企业和政府构建自定义 iOS、Android 和 Web 应用程序方面拥有 20 年的经验,这些应用程序可推动业务增长并让生活更轻松。

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从 Wave Digital 的常务董事 Guy Cooper 那里获得量身定制的建议,了解您的应用程序创意和商业化选项,以及对应用程序开发过程的洞察力。


Our industry experience

Wave Digital 成立于 2000 年,是墨尔本最成熟的应用程序开发公司。 我们的经验反映在我们为初创企业和企业提供的建议和指导的质量上。


我们的应用程序设计和软件开发流程使我们能够加快上市速度,为客户节省资金。 它也足够灵活,可以进行协作和咨询。


每个客户都可以期待清晰透明的沟通。 您还将与当地的墨尔本团队一起工作,该团队由敬业、才华横溢且平易近人的设计师、开发人员和产品策略师组成。

Our high quality results

Wave Digital 是一家澳大利亚移动应用程序开发公司,是真正的专家。 通过只做我们最擅长的事情——iPhone、Android 和网络应用程序开发——我们始终如一地为我们的客户创造高质量的应用程序。

Melbourne’s Top App Developer

Melbourne’s Top App Developer

Wave Digital is proud to have been ranked Melbourne’s Top App Development Company by Clutch in 2021 .


Our in-house product experts, app designers and app developers deliver a range of integrated services to produce outstanding mobile apps – from idea, to launch and beyond.
Wave Digital App Development team in meeting at office in Melbourne


我们通过与您合作为您的应用程序制定清晰的计划、定义明确的功能和强大的技术基础来加快上市速度。 我们帮助您发现、定义和理解您的问题,并利用我们的商业专业知识为实现您的目标的最佳应用程序商业模式提供建议。 无论是构建业务案例、MVP 还是复杂的系统集成,我们都可以提供帮助。

Wave Digital App Development app designer at Melbourne head office

App Design

We use a human-centred design approach to create mobile apps that are easy to use, make sense and have real impact. Designing for mobile requires specific capability. Our app designers are experts in user experience ( UX ) and user interface ( UI ) design, and can create a compelling brand for your digital product. Looking for an app prototype to bring your idea to life? We can do that for you too.

Team members at the Wave Digital App Development office in North Melbourne

App Development

在 10 多年前构建了我们的第一个 iOS 应用程序之后,我们的应用程序开发人员一直处于并将继续处于移动应用程序技术的最前沿。 我们有交付关键任务和可扩展性的经验 iPhone apps , Android apps and web apps . We have also built apps that have digitised processes, integrated complex data sets and created new communication channels – apps that have made lives better.

Wave Digital App Development team member providing advice in Melbourne head office


我们的应用程序维护服务和托管支持让您高枕无忧,因为您的应用程序在快节奏的技术变革中保持安全并继续有效运行。 我们是一家澳大利亚应用程序开发公司,以能够为您的应用程序的一般或技术查询提供专业、可靠和及时的支持而自豪。 请放心,支持请求由我们在墨尔本的开发团队处理。


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Wave Digital are proud participants in the Apple Consultants Network community.

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Wave Digital has been a member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network for over 10 years.

Our Process

Wave Digital App Development team member providing advice

At Wave Digital, we keep our app development process simple. First, we work out what you want to build and estimate the cost to design and develop your app . We look to understand the why – what are your business goals, the problem, your users and their needs. We create user experience and visual designs , along with an app prototype for our Startup clients. We also identify ways to de-risk your app project before any development. We do this using technical proof-of-concepts , technical design, and early collaboration between your stakeholders and our designers and app developers. We then use the blueprint from this stage to build the first iteration of your app . Following its launch, we provide ongoing maintenance, support and app lifecycle management services .

In the media

Wave Digital 以及我们构建的网络和移动应用程序经常出现在澳大利亚媒体上。
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